This room is completely empty. Or almost. A toy-box with a large question mark on its top sits on the floor. You open the lid...


What are these?
Take some time to browse Zarf's site, there is more good stuff there.

Lighan ses lion

This, for instance. It was Zarf's contribution to the Walkthrough Comp in 2001. A series of adventure game commands was given. The challenge was to write a game (or transcript of a game) which could be solved by typing those commands in that order. Here is the original message.
Behold what Zarf did, and cry. It cost me days of precious time which I might have spent watching TV, cleaning the house, or feeding the pigeons.
Here are some brave attempts at a solution:

Braided Platonic Bodies

The five platonic bodies made out of equal strips of paper. Have a look.

The Fool's Errand

The Fool's Errand is a famous puzzle game by Cliff Johnson, inspired by the Rider-Waite tarot deck.
It's a Mac game, but it can be played on any Windows platform with Executor (also downloadable on Cliff's site - free trial version available until the end of 2006).
Be sure to download the sun map fix along with the game, as it will most probably crash the instant you complete the map. In case you forgot, you can also find the fix here.

Praser 5

Praser 5 is an interactive puzzle by Zarf. As a non-native speaker of English, I couldn't solve all the riddles, but with a bit of guesswork made it through the game all the same. Liked it very much. To play, download Frotz (choose your platform on the left hand side).

Some nice puzzle sites (to be continued):

Archimedes' Laboratory

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