Confirmation by

f: familiar phrases
r: repetition in different contexts
s: similarity to confirmed or probably correct translations
se: self-explanatoriness


about: attack/kill (f)
aceba: number (f)
acrot: make (f, r)
adamur: iron
adamuri: made of iron
ajua: case?
akne: hurt, kill (Nalian)
all: water?
alvenk: leave (Nalian)
anestheti: anesthesia mask
andi: cruel (f, se)
anosphuly: trees
apple: ripe? (no adj. suffix but not every one has one)
arenk: give (Nalian)
askiosi: grateful (s)
askiosy: thanks (f, s)
aush: a direction, opposite ilsh
awordo: discovering, realizing (f)


bant: beta, second (f, s, cp. tant)
bem: way (r)
bi: are, is (r)
bien: has been, has been placed?
bisylen: gone (f)
blong: seven (f)
blue: sharp?
book: panel? handle? (something on the door which is covered with bars)
borm: heart, breast
boryl: maze (f)
bowl: wheel, crank
bretneii: loudly?
brox: voice (f)
buely: thoughts?
bunaly: limbs?


calam: (v) twists (r)
calam: (n) twist, turn (r)
calami: twisty (f, r)
calmao: twisting (r)
calminjo: whirling (r)
carab: ?
carhimi: poisonous?
claiz: fades, fade?
coas: ?
corran: wood, metal? (r, applies to a container and a door/gate)
corset: serpent
corset-el: serpent's
courne: not hesitate (r)
creln: fall, lay, drop(or cover again?)?
croim: cover, hide, protect (r)
croimo: covering (r)
croimen: covered (r)
crolimen: covered (r)
cromne: not hide anymore (s)
crosh: soon?


daimar: hat (se)
dance: ?
dargil: trickle?
dexini: (too) late?
digrogi: trophy, treasure (r)
doblen: room, chamber (r)
dogon: plunge, thrust
dorblen: room, chamber (r)
door: dwarf (f)
door-el: dwarf's (f)
dorop: surface?
down: wear
draw: lens?
dreip: high
dress: hit (f, r)
drink: switch (or sth similar which can be a verb and a noun)
drop: right/left
duck: gun?
durii: thoroughly?
dus: which, that (relative) (r), that (conj.)
dvasn: weird ?
dwen: want, mean (f)


e: a (r)
east: axe (f)
eat: down (opposite: neat)
eimar: turns (into)?
-el: possessive suffix, like -l
-en: -ed (PP and past tense)
egg: take (r, f)
eggen: taken (r, f)
eggo: taking (r, f)
eimar: turns (into)
eplev: further, away (r)
eric: top, rim
erjen: filled? infested?
el by: (f, r)
ercio: standing (r, s)
erci: a stand (r, s)
erci: stands (r, s)


fan: says (f, s, cp, fan, foony, tofan) (the hollow voice)
fanit: opens? (s, cp. fan etc.)
farn: mountain
fence: empty, pour
fi: each
fi: I (Nalian)
firdan: choice ?
fire: all (f)
fish: push?
fiu: at?
fiweem: has dropped?
falok: container, box (s)
falno: containing (s)
firdan: choice, decision (f)
firpay: things, everything? (s)
firpsa: enough (r)
fnor: smear
fo: my (Nalian)
fobrel: effort?
foit: light (f)
folks: through?
fonn: resonates (s, cp. fan, foony)
foony: hollow (f, s, cp. fan, fonn)
fouco: is swinging (r, f)
fre: four (f)
frelm: ?
frezy: drops?
fursun: mile?
fus: as, when


ga: do (r)
garst: hall (r) ('halls of fame' makes this rather certain)
garsty: halls (r)
gelasen: has returned?
get: some kind of treasure
ghorn: later, too late?
glulk: very, surprisingly?
gord: breathe? (s) - these 3 seem to have to do with breath/wind
gorny: lungs? (s)
gorong: organ (the instrument)? (s)
graem: centre
gralam: circle
grey: pieces?
gu-: question particle


halo: should (f)
hamebo: ? (of the hanging? plants?)
help: read (f, r)
hepy: things (f)
hernk: lantern (f)
hobii: really, emphasis
horex: (of the machinery) strange? various?
horknen: disarmed, assuming hork=weapon -> hork-ne-en: not-arm-ed.
hral: can (f)
hralne: can't (f)
I i: a direction, opposite aush
-i: adjectival and adverbial suffix
ia!: ah!
iai!: ouch!
ifisink: understand (Nalian)
ilsh: a direction, e.g. North (r)
incan: become ?
inlark: ?
it: ilshtarnh, a direction
ith: (opposite nith) narrow (s) (would have expected ithi here)
ithi: narrows (s)


jair: wound
janai: difficult
jeolo: separating?
jepy: shares
jevol: crumbles
jololen: destroyed, shattered
joorner: slumber


ka: on, at, against
kail: hisses (r) (a sound made by the smoke and the dwarf)
kaol: my (f, s)
kawk: cough
karesh: ancient (f)
kenol: possesses?
kinj: ?
kiremo: avoiding, shunning
kliunen-tint: just survived?
knife: about (f)
koln: mighty?
koobar: possible (f)
koona: quickly, for a moment
korb: rank (f)
korii: gradually (related to korb)?
kudorii: of fame (the halls...)
kounam: (v) want, wish (f, s)
kounam: congratulations, best wishes (s)
kralni: revelation (another nod to Nalian language)
kui: few (s)
kuri: some (f, s)
kyuay: testers (f)


-l: possessive suffix, like -el
lamb: ?
lambo: ?
lark: until (f)
lede: brightly? (s)
leifob: agony?
leid: brightly? (s)
lerul: acid
leruli: acidic
leruo: smearing with acid
ligani: novice (= getting, becoming) (f)
lion: gold (r)
light: to get (can mean take, become and reach a place) (r)
lighan: get! (r)
listen: look, peer
lobo: dangerous (Nalian)
loid: game (f, r)
look: (n) slide? (sth which can be a verb of moving too)
look: (v) slides?
loovany: players (f, r)
loovao: playing (f, r)
luin: yells

man: stock?
manan: hurts?
margensi: competition (f)
mazrul: experience (s)
mazruli: experienced (s)
mefalo: enveloping? painting?
milego: surround (r, s)
milga: around (r, s)
mirror: liquid
mlemo: enveloping, shielding somehow
mobi: moby (f)
moharn: screams?
mook: over?
molk: system (f)
morvont: document
morvonty: documents
moose: time (f)
mouse: pretty?
mozem: swirls?
mronsor: happy?
mugrent: restore (f)


n: i (for inventory) (f)
nam: exhaustion?
nabilen: handle (s)
nabimy: hands (s)
nasaberg: library (f)
nator: shrinks?
-ne: negation (r)
neat: up (f)
neglonen: saved (f)
neido: menacing?
neidii: menacingly?
nekko: appearing?
ner: not (r)
nerom: back ?
nerb: ?
nesteny: things on the anestheti able to shield you against the gas/smoke
next: examine (f)
nire: any (f)
nith: wide, opposite ith (s) (would have expected nithi)
noifi: ? (of the cloud/smoke/gas)
nolo: (are) carrying (f)
nolvont: carrying (pl. pp)
nool: is carried?
norgen: known, famed, famous (a for the ending)


-o: -ing (pres. cont. sg suffix)
oanor: sound
oawu:l roar, bellow (r)
oin: but (r)
-ont: -ing (pres. cont. pl suffix)?
on: and (r)
olet: ?
oleti: ?
olt: great/emphasis
orheln: menace?
os: or (f, r)
oxol: see (s, cp. xol)


(Prepositions seem to like to begin with a p)
pacsilm: coloured gem (if pac=blue, maybe a sapphire)
package: a colour (not red)
paint: cloud/smoke/gas ?
paro: into?
pase: in(to) (r)
pasvorn: into?
pe: of (r)
pick: squash, squeeze
pickobe: have squashed
pise: from, out of (f, r)
pla: here (r, f)
play: enter (f)
plor: moves? (s)
plorny: moving shapes? (s)
plover: sword (f)
polish: fruit
polishy: fruits
polvam: dust?
ponse: off?
poorvo: -ing?
pose: on (r)
pray: give (f, r)
prel: like, alike (f, r, cp. xoprel)
present: turn, turns
presnel: turning?
pron: cast (a spell, = pronounce?) (s)
prono: casting (r)
puplen: has been consumed?
purly: many, hundreds
put: hurls, throws (r)


qual: tears, pulls?
qualen: pulled, driven?
querl: creature
quoseneb ?


remp: need, have (modal)
rau: for (r)
rax: wall (r, s, cp. ract)
raxy: walls (r; s, cp, ract)
ract: blocks (s, cp. rax, a for the ending)
reviro: dreaming? (sounds like French)
ro: (in)to (r)
roro: towards
rubuc: bleed?


sabra: die (f)
sabrai deadly, fatal (f, s)
sabral fatal (f, s)
sard: room?
sarr: room?
satrag: open
satragii: open
scarn: fly
se: the (r)
seag: burn (r, s)
seago: burning (r, s)
seat: fire (r, s)
seati: fiery (r, s)
seato: burning (r, s)
seaty: flames (r, s)
sedan: relief?
sedani: relieved? (reminds of sedated)
segost: ?
seis: this (r, f)
Serioli: Elvish (f)
ses: that
sesl: of that?
seton: glow (s)
seul: serial (f)
shado: hosting (a, se)
-shaim: tangle (s)
shaimo: entangling (s)
shalok ? (cp. falok box, falno containing)
shi: low (s)
shian: lower, strike down (s)
shiar: lower (comp.)
shifan: mumbles, mutters (low-says) (s)
ship: pull
shisyle: crawls (low-goes) (s)
shoin: blast ?
shron: wealth, value
sik: near (s)
sikii: nearly (s)
silemi: shiny, shimmering? (applies to the draw and must also be a quality of jewels (s)
silemy: jewels? stones? shimmering? (s)
silmy: jewels (s, cp. upusilm)
sint: again?
siom: abruptly?
sipasano: understanding ('hearing well'?)
sipass: mind ('understanding'?)
siso: reason?
sitin: sounds?
sititin: loud sounds?
sititino: resounding
skal: clear?
skial: jump?
slari: last (s)
slas: last (s)
sle: key (f)
sleep: (key)hole
slunt: miss ?
slus: finally (s)
slus: stops (s)
smooth: fire (a gun)?
snask: stumble, tasten
sneef: ?
snoosto: kissing (se)
snuvv: (a sound)
sogo: trying (f, s)
sogen: have tried (f, s)
sorgan: body ?
spoigh: bounce ?
stake: what the hollow voice says. Fool, or whatever.
stand: dagger
starn: end (related to stat*?)
statim: escape (s)
station: exit (f, s)
stationy: exits (f, s)
sti: you (Nalian)
stop: score (f, r)
stopo: scoring (r, f) storn: hurt?
string: door, gate
sudnogil: certificate? (some document)
surast: lies, sleeps
swim: button (or sth similar)
swing: ask (f)
swingo: asking (f)
swinth: without (f)
switch: with (f)
sword: learn (f)
syln: go, goes (f, s)
sylten: had come (s)


ta: one (f, s)
take: bottle (s)
tant: first (f, r, s, cp. ta, bant)
tarnh: a direction, opposite zernh
thaln: point (f, r)
thalny: points (f, r)
thalshaim: = zathalshaim = lichen tangle?
there: (quality of a sound - muffled perhaps)
think: about (f)
thinak: Inform (f)
-tint: ?
tobii: ? (of the Red Hat stock)
tofan: echoes (s, cp. fan)
token: filled, stuffed (s)
tormy: waves?
torsho: cavern (r)
torshy: caverns (r)
toy: fill, stuff (s) (cp. token)
trim: kill, attack
triv: trifle ?
tuns: bar (of gold) (s, r)
tuny: bars (= rods of metal) (s, r)
turn: smoke/gas?


uctoe: adventurer (f)?
ulk: am (Nalian)
undi: weapons (Nalian)
undoi: weapons
unlarv: rob
unlock: fight, attack, kill
up: red (r, se)
upholster: touch (r)
upholsto: touching, contact (r)
upusilm: red gem (s, cp. up, silmy, f, 'mobi' confirms that it's a ruby)


va: it (r)
val: its (r)
valy: their (r)
varam: shrink?
varavi: loud?
vasi: of his? tiny? (I prefer the latter because of the reference to Adventure)
ve-: to (final)
veriga: mercy?
vlop: left/right (f)
volto: half?
-vont: -ing (pres. cont. pl suffix?)
vor: half?
vorhel: falls in half?
vort: into, through
vuls: dust?
vupraben: owner, bearer, (s)
vupram: has, carries (s)
vurel: in, through


wake: machinery
watch: amusing (f)
wave: spell, scroll (s, see wovel)
wea: small (r)
weab: small (s)
wevaxen: have won (f)
wirno: providing (f)
wivle: begin (s)
wivlent: restart (f, s)
wivleo: having begun (s)
worent: deep (of slumber)
wornki: bigger? (s)
worol: big (r)
worolob: rather big (s)
wovel: scroll? (s, see wave)
wurelbe: has risen up (so it is big now)


xol: look, appear (r, s, cp. oxol)
xolo: looking (r, s)
xolne: doesn't appear (r, s)
xoprel: look like, resemble (r, cp. prel)
xyzzy: quit (f)


-y: plural suffix
y: not (Nalian)
yarco: warning (f)
ycle: named (reminds of oe. ycleped)
yoso: type (f)


z: (zernh) a direction
zao: you (r)
zaokneb: your shadow?
zaokneby: shadows?
zaol: your (r)
zaolb: your own?
zathal: hanging plants, lichen?
zatin: brass (f)
zerib: beg?
zernh: a direction, opposite tarnh
zernhi: a direction (adj.)
zilfan: passage (f)
zilfany: passages (f)
zropse: release (f)
Zarfi: Zarfian (se)
zoon: lair
zrblm: remove

Lighan ses Lion - an inline-translation

Things I'm pretty sure of are printed in green, guesses I'm comfortable with in blue, and wild conjectures in orange.

For directions and colours, when in doubt, I simply chose one instead of giving all kinds of possible alternatives.

Some basic assumptions I made

I am not absolutely sure that seag etc. is 'fire', but things fall nicely into place once you assume that. When you apply the bottle to it, it changes into something which affects your lungs (or eyes?), probably smoke, and with that, the anestheti makes sense.

I believe the anestheti to be a respiratory mask. It must be something smallish (as it sits on a 'stand', making it unlikely that it can be 'climbed'), and if seag/turn = 'fire'/'smoke' is correct, you must be able to do something with it which saves you from choking, which in turn is most probably to 'wear' it.

I am not sure about the je-/jol- things. I think they might indicate disjunction (cp. jepy 'shares' and the weapons falling to pieces). If that is correct, jeolo (of the wall of fire) could be 'separating'.

The dwarf is a dwarf, of course, of course. But I just love Matt F's 'detective'.

As to the dragon, right now I'm inclined to think it's really a serpent (twisting and winding away).

I think what kills the serpent is acid, not poison, as it destroys your weapons.


Ah, the mountain-caves  famed  of Calcevornia! Filled to the top  with   
Ia, se  farn-    torshy norgen pe Calcevornia! Token  ro se  eric switch 

gold, jewels, and documents carrying huge-value. All  you need to-do 
lion, silmy , on  morvonty  nolvont  olt -shron. Fire zao remp ve-ga 

is get   in   and quickly rob    a dwarves few.
bi light pase on  koona   unlarv e doory   kui.

Not difficult, you think.
Ner janai    , zao stoab.


A game little by Zarf. (First-time  players should type 'about'). 
E loid wea    el Zarf. (Tant -moose loovany halo   yoso 'think'.)

Release 19 / Number Serial 570109 / Inform z6.21 Library  6/10
Zropse  19 / Aceba  seul   570109 / Thinak z6.21 Nasaberg 6/10

Hall  Wide
Garst Nith

You are standing in   a hall  wide which ?     ?    through the half .
Zao bi  ercio    pase e garst nith dus   carab olet paro    se  volto. 

To the North, the hall  narrows.
Ro se  ilsh,  se  garst ithi   .

A wall of fire separating bright blocks your way North.
E rax  pe seat jeolo      lede   ract   zaol bem ilsh .

You see  a stand of anesthesia masks -till  and a container small wood/metal
Zao oxol e erci  pe anestheti        inlark on  e falok     wea   corran 

(containing a bottle water) here.
(falno      e take   all  ) pla .


GET    THAT GOLD is a 'cruel' game, by the Zarfian Scoring System. You  
LIGHAN SES  LION bi e 'andi'  loid, el se  Zarfi   Stopo   Molk  . Zao 

can  die   without warning, and you can  make  choice fatal  without 
hral sabra swinth  yarco  , on  zao hral acrot firdan sabral swinth       

discovering it until later.
awordo      va lark  ghorn.

Thanks  to my   testers-beta, Statenpaker Belford and Lukehart Amy. 
Askiosy ro kaol kyuay  -bant, Statenpaker Belford on  Lukehart Amy. 

And thanks  to Emily for hosting this competition.
On  askiosy ro Emily rau shado   seis marghensi.


Your score is 0 points from a possible 8. This gives you the rank of 
Zaol stop  bi 0 thalny pise e koobar   8. Seis pray  zao se  korb pe 

Novice Adventurer.
Ligani Uctoe     .


Hall  Wide 
Garst Nith 

You are standing in   a hall  wide which ?     ?    through the half . 
Zao bi  ercio    pase e garst nith dus   carab olet paro    se  volto. 

To the North, the hall  narrows.
Ro se  ilsh,  se  garst ithi   .

A wall of fire separating bright blocks your way North.
E rax  pe seat jeolo      lede   ract   zaol bem ilsh .

You see  a stand of anesthesia masks -till  and a container small wood/metal
Zao oxol e erci  pe anestheti        inlark on  e falok     wea   corran 

(containing a bottle water) here.
(falno      e take   all  ) pla .


Ouch! It shortly hurts, but it is soon  over.
Iai!  Va koona   manan, oin va bi crosh mook.


(from the container)
(pise se falok     )

You take the bottle from the container.
Zao egg  se  take   pise se falok     .


You are-carrying a bottle water, a lens shimmering, a gun  loaded, 
Zao nolo         e take   all  , e draw silemi    , e duck frelm ,  

a treasure case pretty, a sword  Elvish  ancient, and a lantern brass 
e digrogi  ajua mouse , e plover Serioli karesh , on  e hernk   zatin 

(providing light).
(wirno     foit ).


Everything looks bigger. You see  a spell appearing in   the surface 
Firpay     xol   wornki. Zao oxol e wave  nekko     pase se  dorop   

of fire bright.
pe seat lede  .


The spell resonates in   your mind   like an organ . It is named 'Dance'.
Se  wave  fonn      pase zaol sipass prel e  gorong. Va bi ycle  "Dance".


The Dance spell glows brightly as  you cast it. The flames are-sounding    
Se  Dance wave  seton leid     fus zao pron va. Se  seaty  sititino

  -ing as  the scroll bright has-been-consumed, until the surface looks-like 
poorvo fus se  wovel  leid   puplen           , lark  se  dorop   xoprel     

a ?    of cloud    -y, twisting nearly      enough to-       of-that gone   .
e nerb pe paint noifi, calmao   sikii  kinj firpsa ve-shalok sesl    bisylen.

>ATTACK CLOUD (with   the sword )
>ABOUT  PAINT (switch se  plover)

Your sword  bounces off   the fire bright with   a (sound) muffled.
Zaol plover spoigh  ponse se  seat leid   switch e snuvv   there  .


Drops water trickle from the bottle. The cloud bright of fire shrinks and
Frezy all   dargil  pise se  take.   Se  paint leid   pe seat nator   on

fades, and finally turns into smoke poisonous.
claiz, on  slus    eimar ro   turn  carhimi.

The smoke twists and swirls, enveloping the hall  with   moving shapes weird.
Se  turn  calam  on  mozem , mefalo     se  garst switch plorny        dvasn.

Your lungs begin to-burn. You cough.
Zaol gorny wivle ve-seag. Zao kawk .


The smoke moves  around the hall , but it looks-not -ing   any/at all.
Se  turn  plor   milga  se  garst, oin va xolne     neido  nire      .

Your lungs are really having-begun to-hurt .
Zaol gorny bi  hobii  wivleo       ve-storn.


A blast of ?    is-carried turning around the room. The smoke poisonous
E shoin pe coas nool       presnel milga  se  sarr. Se  turn  carhimi  

hisses menacingly as  it is pulled back .
kail   neidii     fus va bi qualen nerom.

Your lungs are terribly burning, and your thoughts are tangling.
Zaol gorny bi  fulba    seago,   on  zaol buely    bi  shaimoo .


You stumble towards the anesthesia mask and slip it on ?    . The sides
Zao snask   roro    se  anestheti       on  pasvorn    oleti. Se  nesteny

enveloping cover your face  .
mlemo      croim zaol sorgan.

Your lungs become relieved at  last. 
Zaol gorny incan  sedani   fiu slas.

[Your score has  gone    up   by 1  point.]
[Zaol stop  bien bisylen neat el ta thaln.]



You are in   a maze  twisty of passages, all  alike. Exits    go   south, 
Zao bi  pase e boryl calami pe zilfany,  fire prel . Stationy syln aush , 

west, northwest, and down.
zernh, ilshzernh, on  eat .



You are in   a maze  of passages twisty, all  alike. Exits    go   west,  
Zao bi  pase e boryl pe zilfany  calami, fire prel . Stationy syln zernh, 

northeast, and up  .
ilshtarnh, on  neat.

A voice hollow says "Plugh".
E brox  fooni  fan  "Stake".


Cave   Shimmering
Torsho Silemi

The walls of this room huge are covered  with   jewels ?      towering/abounding.
Se  raxy  pe seis sard olt  bi  crolimen switch silemy zathal lambo             . 

A passage low goes  southeast, and the cave   opens away   to the west .
E zilfan  shi syln  aushtarnh, on  se  torsho fanit eplev  ro se  zernh.

A dwarf very  small is here. 'You leave , or I  kill you!' it hisses.
E door  glulk wea   bi pla . 'Sti alvenk, er fi akne sti!' va kail  .

The dwarf is-swinging its axe . It misses by a mile  .
Se  door  fouco       val east. Va slunt  el e fursun.


You hesitate not a trifle (too?) long. The dwarf's axe  goes   whirling   
Zao courne       e triv   dexini.      Se  door-el east bisyle calminjo 

through the room.
vort    se  doblen.

'I  am  dangerous!' brags the dwarf.
"Fi ulk lobo!"      luin  se  door.

The dwarf throws a dagger tiny. You strike down the dagger with   your sword .
Se  door  put    e  stand vasi. Zao shian       se  stand  switch zaol plover.


Dagger: taken.
Stand : eggen.

Axe : taken.
East: eggen.

The dwarf, disarmed, begs  for mercy . 'Give  me my weapons! I leave  !'
Se  door , hornknen, zerib rau veriga. 'Arenk fi fo undi   ! Fi alvenk!'


(ask   the dwarf about gold)
(swing se  door  knife lion)

The dwarf looks-not well-understanding you.
Se  door  xolne     sipasano           zao.

'I  no understand,' it mumbles (low-says).
'Fi y  ifisink   ,' va shifan            .


(to the dwarf)
(ro se  door) 

The dwarf gets   the treasure  from the ?   . It crawls (low-goes) from the 
Se  door  lighan se  digrogi   pise se  coas. Va shisyle           pise se 

cave  , looking happy   and?      grateful.
torsho, xolo    mronsor no (sic?) askiosi .

[Your score has  gone    up   by 1  point.]
[Zaol stop  bien bisylen neat el ta thaln.]


Cave   Shimmering Western
Torsho Silemi     Zernhi

The room    is lower here, covered with   lichen   -ing. The
Se  dorblen bi shiar pla , croimen switch zathal hamebo. Se

cave   opens away  to the east.  To the north, a door/gate wood/metal 
torsho fanit eplev ro se  tarnh. Ro se  ilsh,  e string    corran     

biggish stands in    the wall cave  , its top  covered  with   lichen-tangle. 
worolob erci   vurel se  rax  torsho, val eric crolimen switch thalshaim    .

The door/gate is covered with   machinery strange.
Se  string    bi croimen switch wake      horex.

>NW      WAKE

On   the door   you see  a button, a switch little, a slide red, a slide
Pose se  string zao oxol e swim,   e drink  wea   , e look  up , e look

blue   , a panel (covered by bars iron   ), a (key)hole water, and a wheel/crank 
package, e book  (croimen el tuny adamuri), e sleep     all  , on  e bowl        

big  .




Clack clock.
Tlac  tloc.


Clack clock clack. The bars hesitate-not, hide-not the panel. 
Tlac  tloc  tlacv. Se  tuny courne      , cromne   se  book .




(the slide blue   ) Cling clang.
(se  look  package) Glenc glanc.


You (question-) mean to-turn    the wheel/crank left or right?    
Zao gu-         dwen ve-present se  bowl        vlop os drop ?


The wheel/crank turns   a twist-half to the right, and stops ?   .
Se  bowl        present e calam-vor  ro se  drop , on  slus  siom.


(with   the bottle water)
(switch se  take   all  )

The bottle water slides into the hole  with   a clack.
Se  take   all   look   pase se  sleep switch e tlac .

With   a sound loud  , the door/gate is-swinging open  .
Switch e oanor varavi, se  string    fouco       satrag.

[Your score has  gone    up   by 1  point.]
[Zaol stop  bien bisylen neat el ta thaln.]


Lair Serpent's
Zoon Corset-el

You are near the top  of a room smoke-infested narrow. A door/gate wood/metal
Zao bi  sik  se  eric pe e sard turn -erjen    ith   . E string    corran

huge stands open     to the south.
olt  erci   satragii ro se  aush .

In   the centre of the room  , a serpent mighty lies/sleeps in   deep(great) 
Pase se  graem  pe se  doblen, e corset  koln   surast      pase worent


Trees     high  seven stand in   a circle around the serpent. Each one bears  
Anosphuly dreip blong erci  pase e gralam milga  se  corset . Fi   ta  vupram 

a few fruits  ripe  acidic.
e kui polishy apple leruli.


(first taking the fruits) 
(tant  eggo   se  polishy) 

You have-squashed the fruits  ripe  to a liquid acidic.
Zao pickobe       se  polishy apple ro e mirror leruli.

The serpent has-arisen (has-become-big) with   a scream! It throws itself 
Se  corset  wurelbe                     switch e oawul ! Va put    vaob   

at you! 
ka zao! 

But it twists away  from the trees     high , avoiding their contact .
Oin va calam  eplev pise se  anosphuly dreip, kiremo   valy  upholsto.


You smear the liquid acidic on   your sword . For reason safety,
Zao fnor  se  mirror leruli pose zaol plover. Rau siso   sedan ,

you are-moistening-with-acid the dagger and axe   carefully.
zao leruo                    se  east   on  stand durii    .


You jump  into the circle and plunge your sword  in   the serpent's  heart.
Zao skial vort se  gralam on  dogon  zaol plover pase se  corset-el  borm .

The serpent screams its agony ; smoke emanates from the wound. The creature 
Se  corset  kail    val leifob; turn  mozem    pise se  jair . Se  querl    

twists around, trying to-breathe at the acid  burning, but gradually 
calam  milga , sogo   ve-gord    ka se  lerul seato  , oin korii     

approaches its end  .
segost     val starn.

The serpent has-dropped  a scroll fiery!
Se  corset  fiweem       e wave   seati!

The exhaustion tears at your thoughts. Your sword  shatters to pieces in   your 
Se  nam        qual  ka zaol bunaly  . Zaol plover jevol    ro vols   pase zaol 

hands . The sharp dagger drops from its handle . The axe   tiny falls-in-half? 
nabimy. Se  blue  east   creln pise val nabilen. Se  stand vasi vorhel         

in   shards iron  .
pase grey   adamur.


(at the serpent)
(ka se  corset )

You throw your weapons. The serpent twists away  from the danger deadly, but 
Zao put   zaol undoy  . Se  corset  calam  eplev pise se  orheln sabrai, oin 

it cannot escape the shards that fly   all  around it. Hundreds of
va hralne statim se  grey   dus  scarn fire milga  va. Purly    pe

wounds small bleed fire.
jairy  weab  rubuc seat.

The serpent screams loudly   in   the circle of trees    . In   one effort 
Se  corset  moharn  bretneii pase se  gralam pe anosphuly. Pase ta  fobrel

last , it roars out a spell that sounds like water shadow (you-like?).
slari, va oawul pis e wave  dus  sitin  prel all   zaokneb           .

Water roars   and tower/abound around you, enveloping your head with   
All   sititin on  lamb         milga  zao, mefalo     zaol volt switch 

illusion of your-own thoughts.
iskoleb  pe zaolb    buely   .


"Plugh," echoes a voice hollow, surrounding and covering yourself.
"Stake," tofan  e brox  fooni , milego      on  croimo   zaolb   .

The waves shadow  fade  and shrink away . The lair is dry  again, and you 
Se  tormy zaokneb claiz on  varam  eplev. Se  zoon bi skal sint , on  zao 

see  that the dragon's  body has-returned into the dust   -like    from 
oxol dus  se  corset-el furt gelasen      pase se  polvam quoseneb pise  

which it had-come.
dus   va sylten  .

Somewhere-by the serpent shattered, you see  a bar  gold, a ruby    moby, 
Gupla        se  corset  jololen  , zao oxol e tuns lion, e upusilm mobi, 

a sapphire big   enough to-drop  your ?    on  , and a certificate stock.
e pacsilm  worol firpsa ve-creln zaol firf pose, on  e sudnogil    man  .

[Your score has  gone    up   by 1  point.]
[Zaol stop  bien bisylen neat el ta thaln.]


Bar  gold: taken.
Tuns lion: eggen.

Ruby:     taken.
Upusilm : eggen.

Sapphire: taken.
Pacsilm : eggen.

Certificate stock: taken.
Sudnogil    man  : eggen.

[Your score has  gone    up   by 4   points.]
[Zaol stop  bien bisylen neat el fre thalny.]


'The bearer   of this document possesses 6000 shares of stock Hat    Red.
'Se  vupraben pe seis morvont  kenol     6000 jepy   pe man   Daimar Up . 

Kounam         .'


You make  your way to the ?     cave , dreaming about your survived?-just
Zao acrot zaol bem ro se  sneef torsh, reviro   knife zaol kliunen  -tint

mazrul    .

Its    -y stock Hat    Red has-been (placed?) in   the halls  of-fame.
Vas tobii man   Daimar Up  bien               pase se  garsty kudorii.

*** You have-won ***
*** Zao wevaxen  ***

You  do-wish? to START-RE, STORE-RE a game saved   , see  your SCORE, 
Zao gu-kounam ve WIVLENT , MUGRENT  e loid neglonen, oxol zaol STOP , 

read some AMUSING things trying, or QUIT ?
help kuri WATCH   hepy   sogo  , os XYZZY?


Your score is 8 points from a possible 8. This gives you the rank of 
Zaol stop  bi 8 thalny pise e koobar   8. Seis pray  zao se  korb pe 

Expert  Adventurer.
Mazruli Uctoe     .


You have-tried?...  
Zao gu-sogen   ... 

* Kissing the dwarf? 
* Snoosto se  door ? 

* Burning the certificate stock? 
* Seago   se  sudnogil    man  ? 

* Casting the spell dance on   the shadows ?  
* Prono   se  wave  dance pose se  zaokneby? 

* Asking the dwarf about 'revelation'?
* Swingo se  door  knife 'kralni'?


Thanks  for playing GET    THAT GOLD! [Hit   key any  to(final)-exit   ]
Askiosy rau loovao  LIGHAN SES  LION! [Dress sle nire ve-station]


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